Village Administration

In addition to her other responsibilities, Charlotte Colley, the Village Administrator, oversees the administrative offices of the Village.

Key Initiatives of the Village of New Concord

The Village of New Concord has key initiatives for 2017 which include:

  • Establish an Economic Development Focus
  • Diversification of Housing Types and Choices
  • Establish Standards for the Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historic Structures
  • Establish Lines of Communication and Promote Opportunities for Collaboration with Key Stakeholders
  • Development of a Capital Improvement Plan
  • Address the Potential Creation of a Regional Arts and Recreation District


Finance Department

Lynn Marlatt, Fiscal Officer for the Village, oversees the Finance Department.

Water & Wastewater Billing

Water revenue is comprised of water usage billed to residents, bulk water sales, water tap fees, miscellaneous water revenue, and penalty fees.

Priorities for 2017

These are the priorities for Water & Wastewater Billing in 2017:

  • Establish an email system for water billing
  • Repair/replace all broken meters
  • Continue to monitor active water/sewer accounts for accuracy in billing
  • Commit to ongoing training and education of our water/sewer system and the reading/billing system
  • Continue to replace degraded water and sewer lines with new lines as funds are available

Contact the Utility Billing Clerk

If you have questions, please contact Joy Johnson, the Administrative Assistant/Utility Billing Clerk: