2015 Village Council Priorities

The following are the priorities of the Village Council Members for 2015:

Council Members

  • Brett Essex, Council President
    • Provide good stewardship to the Village of New Concord now and into the future
    • Ensure the Village is proactive in regard to challenges in the future and remains fiscally responsible
    • Plan new and exciting development opportunities while still maintaining a small town, safe and family friendly Village atmosphere
  • Steve Kokovich, Council Member
    • Ensure New Concord remains financially sound
    • Explore nuisance animal control issues and develop workable solutions
    • Maintain our existing sidewalks
    • Conservation – preserve our green space and identify ways to conserve our “at-risk” habitats (i.e. wetlands)
  • Jennifer Bronner, Council Member
    • Keep New Concord family friendly and safe
    • Encourage good neighbor programs and activities
    • Support recreation, fitness and wellness for individuals and families
  • Robert Dickson, Council Member
    • Conservation of Village trees, green space and trails and expansion of recycling opportunities
    • Explore senior housing options
    • Ensure I-70/SR83 development is high-quality and built to specifications and standards set forth by the Village
    • Continue to support family activities such as arts and recreation programs
  • Jennifer Lyle, Council Member
    • Promote development of senior housing (Long term goal)
    • Village leadership commitment to maximizing village-wide recycling through awareness/education efforts, coordination with business community, and work with local providers.
    • Pedestrian friendly Village
  • Bil Kerrigan, Council Member
    • Walking safety concerns – possibly form a diverse committee to address pedestrian safety issues
    • Explore ways for Village to assist in sidewalk clearing during snow/ice events
    • Address additional sidewalk/pedestrian access recommendations that were identified during Safe Routes To School grant process