NC Area Arts & Recreation District

The mission of the New Concord Area Arts & Recreation District (NCAARD) is to develop arts and and recreation programming and facilities in the New Concord area, offering participatory and inclusive activities that engage, inspire and educate.


Movie Night in the Village Park

Mark your calendars for these summer movie dates in the Village Park!

June 3- Sing! (Karaoke before the movie)

July 15- Finding Dory

August 26- Beauty and the Beast (Live Action version)

Goals for 2017

NCAARD’s goals for 2017 include the following:

  • Clearly define the NCAARD role in the operation and maintenance of the New Concord Area Pool.
  • Review the Program Director’s role and identify opportunities for part-time assistance.
  • Analyze historic NCAARD funding trends between stakeholder contributions and program revenue in order to begin a discussion regarding future revenue goals.
  • Investigate potential under served populations within the New Concord Community.
  • Survey NCAARD patrons on how they receive information on NCAARD programming.
  • Work with partners to create a “Community Calendar” for the New Concord Community.
  • Continue to offer strong programs and adapt programming to meet the needs, passions, gifts, and talents of the community.