Temporary Water Issues During Construction of Ground Water Storage Tank

The Village is in the process of constructing a new Ground Water Storage Tank. The former Ground Water Storage Tank has been taken out of service and the Elevated Water Tower is supplying the entire Village system.

Pressure Relief Valves will be installed on two water hydrants at Old Rix Mills Road and the intersection of Delaware Street & Maple Ave. There could be intermittent water flowing out of these hydrants depending on the needs of the system. Please do not attempt to close off the hydrant as this is intentional and necessary for the system to function properly.

 Water customers, throughout the system, may experience varying water pressure and cloudy or discolored water. Please check your water prior to doing laundry. Water is safe for drinking.

 If you lose water pressure or if you notice water flowing out of the ground please contact the Village immediately.

Thank you for your assistance!


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